Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy


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In the trailer for Will Ferrell's new comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, they play this really great 70s song that goes "I can dig it/you can dig/we can dig it/he can dig it/she can dig it/ Oh Let's dig it/can you dig it baby??" . Automatically I think the song is "Dig it", but by whom is where I'm stumped.
I'm trying to figure out the name of that song that plays in the teaser trailer of Anchorman. It's the only track playing in the whole trailer. It's very retro sounding (and not Kansas or Enya) . Any help would be great! Thanks!
What is the Enya song from the theatrical trailer of "Anchorman"? It's pretty famous.
Hey i'm looking for the name and artist of the song played in the tv spots and trailers of the movie Anchorman. Its also used on VH1 and the words go "i can dig, she can dig it, they can dig it... can you dig it baby"

This song is in the anchorman trailor and has been used for VH1 commercials. It's from the 60's. The lyrics are I can dig it he can dig it she can dig it they can dig it can you dig it baby. Really fast please tell me the name
I have been searching for this song for over a year...thank you so much! :D
Does anyone know the name of the insturmental music played in several of the Achorman trailers. It's playing when Will Ferrel yells 'Hi-oh' and smacks into a filing cabinet.
all the ones i've seen, they've played "grazin' in the grass" by friends of distinction
i'm looking for the name of the '70s song playing when Will Farrell is sitting on the side of the pool/fish pond/fountain with his hand in the water. i've been told it's Jefferson Starship but have been unable to find it.
Link to watch trailer? Did you search our Forums -- several other threads have asked about Anchorman trailers. Maybe you're after Kansas "Carry on Wayward Son." Link goes to available audio sample, track 1. :unsure:
Dish Network Anchorman PPV promo

Anybody who has dish network and has seen the the promo for Anchorman on PPV what is the song that is playing in the background.
Its kind of fast paced. It has piano in it and is sort of jazzy. There are no lyrics. This mainly aimed at people who have dish network and see those commercials they have that advertise movies on PPV.
I figured it out if anybody is curious. Its "Last Night" by the Mar-Keys.
It's that song that goes , I can dig it you can ig it she can dig it we can dig it, what is the title b/c I need the exact one for napster.