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There's a new ad that debuted during the NCAA Tournament featuring Tiger Woods--another in the series of "My Life, My Card" ads with Laird Hamilton and Mike Krzyzewski. There's this haunting piano music in the ad--does anybody know what the song is or who it's by? Thanks - Spearmint.
Does anyone know the song of the Amex Comercial with Tiger Woods ???

Ive searched Everywere !! I actually live in Japan and asked Japanese people about the song, and they dont know as well .... :(

If you havent seen the commercial just go here :

Thankyou !

June, and sorry if my english is bad... it isnt my first language. *french is :D*
Anyone ??

This song might be a song made especially for American Express...

Hope someone can answer me soon :D
the music is kinda similiar to Philip Glass's one...
What do you think ?
When I first saw that commercial - I thought the song sounded like something out of the Donnie Dark OST. :( oh well - at least I have something a little similiar.
Sorry to bump this, but I just saw this commercial like 5 times in a row and the song got stuck in my head.

It actually reminds me of a tune that was played in one of my favorite movies "Big Fish".