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It's an AMC channel commercial promoting a number of films, including Jaws, Untouchables and so on.

The lyrics go something like,

"There is only one, of you - only you, only you .. "

"I'll accept no subtitutes - only you, only you .. "

"Nothing else will do .. "

Haven't had much luck searching by those lyrics. Anyone familiar?

Thanks for any help.
Some more of the lyrics:

'I really wasn't kidding,
About going to the city,
For the weekend.
We tested the water,
But fell into the deep end.'
i've tried searching for the lyrics you've provided and have found nothing... it makes me want to say that the song is an original composition and not a "real" song... but, i haven't seen the ad for myself and am not sure.

have you tried contacting a PR rep from AMC and asking them?
Yeah, I had no luck searching with the lyrics. The only reason I don't think it is an original composition is because of they lyrics, which just don't seem like the type would be made solely for a commercial. I think it is just one of the more obscure songs of an obscure band.

I guess PR is my next step. Thanks for taking the time!
In case anyone else comes looking for the answer to this one, it is the song 'Artists are Boring' by the Kingdom Flying Club.

They are an independent band that sells their music directly on the web. You can find them at the following link. No samples, unfortunately, but the CD is relatively cheap.
wow! impressive find. :D

thanks for coming back and posting the info!