Air Force "Tornado"


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OK, there's a new Air Force Commercial. Unfortunately I was half way asleep when the commercial came on, so all I can tell you is that the music was instrumental (I think it was strings) and ended with someone doing a weather forecast on the news??

Hopefully this won't be like the past elusive songs which were maded just for the commercial.

Good Luck!
I saw the ad tonight.It starts with a father rushing his little girl inside to avoid a twister and she stares over his shoulder at it,fascinated.It then shows her grown up,giving weather conditions from a space station .Unfortunately I don't remember the music!
Come on guys and is another all instrumental song.

I can't even find a link to the commercial to hear it again.

Need your help.
The music was written specifically for the ad by HUM Music + Sound Design, Santa Monica.
Good spot. I wish they would start making the music available for download or purchase.

Thanks a lot.
Originally posted by MeTrO@Feb 2 2005, 06:48 PM
Good spot. I wish they would start making the music available for download or purchase.

Thanks a lot.
I wish they would make the music available, too. :(

Hellos, unfortuantely, nobody I have asked know the answer. But I am looking for that piano song for that US Air Force recruitment commercial. The one with the tornado in it. .. anybody know that song?
Hi any body knows the name of the song on air force commercial the one with the tornado and the littlie girl. You can watch it at under TV, it is called tornado.
I've seen this one on a few times. It has a girl outside her house druing a tornado and her father comes and picks her up. Thanks for the help.
I'm in dire search of that bg music from the, what i think is a navy commercial where the girl is ourside, dad comes out screaming for her, running into the yard, while she stares captivated at the tornado comming towards the house. This song gets me every time, would really love to know what it is.
Hi Kevin,

That was a track that one of my composers wrote specifically for the Air Force spot “Tornado”. Unfortunately, it was only created as a 30 second track (not a full song) and is owned by the Air Force, so not much chance of it being released. But thanks for your interest.


sounds like discover deadliest catch all over again =[, unfortunatly i wouldent look to the USAF to comission a full version.
What is the song in the army commercial where there is a tornado and the girl is watching it, then her dad grabs her.