York Air Conditioners


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Hello all!
This is my first post because this commercial has been driving me insane!
I keep seeing it, and I am almost positive it's an actual song, and not one that they made for the commercial.

The commercial is for these new coloured air conditioners from a company called York.
The people in the commercial keep naming colours at different points in the song, and it ends with an old guy whistling the tune.

I hope that explanation of the commercial made any sense at all!!!

If anyone knows what song it is... or whether it is an actual song or not, please let me know!!!

Thanks so much!!!

Dude! I agree that commerial does have a great song. I have tivo and fast foward through commerials on my recorded shows but when I see that Santa Claus looking guy I stop and watch the commercial. Thats a big freakin deal! The only other commercials I stop for are victoria's secret ads, so you know how much this commercial rules. Its right up there with push up bra sales!
Alright. Very much loking for this as well. I'm pretty sure its a suped up version of an older folk tune, I do know for a fact that its an actual track.

And, in addition, does anyone know who the old guy whistling at the end is...? My family all agree that he seems familiar, some celebrity that we shouldrecognise but don't...
Thank you, Sophist... And is that an original track, I swear that it isn't as spontaneous as they're claiming.

Shouldn't this topic've been merged with ... well, the other one about the air conditioners (can't find the link right now.)
Saw the original post. Haven't seen the commercial though, so have no idea if it's the same one...
Wow! Thanks Sophist!

And I completely agree Adversary... it sounds too familiar to be an on the spot creation!!!!