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Looking for the song used in - will it could have been the Air Force? - a commercial where it starts with a boy throwing a paper airplane, then a foam one, then spinning one tied to a string, followed by a remote control one, and finally sitting in a booth as an officer flying a remote spy robot plane in for a landing. Sounds very clean, has some slick sounding guitar and a decent beat.


It was the Airforce. Officially, I think the commercial is for, which I visited and sent e-mail asking about, but have not recieved a reply, and expect to get contacted by a recruiter instead of answered.
As it turns out, it's music liscensed to the Air Force and is not for sale they say. So apparently the military recruits recording artists too? That's kind of sick when you think about it. In any case, I liked the intro to this song used of which no one but the artist and uncle sam will ever hear in its entirety, what a shame... then again, what a sell out.
Maybe they meant that it's just music from a generic music library/stock CD. Which is much less expensive than licensing a particular recording artist.

I was wondering if anyone knew that instrumental played during the us army commercial where the little boy is playing with a remote controlled airplane, then he ends up controlling some freaky big army airplane.
I hope it's army and not the navy lol. I guess it would be a boat if it was.

thanks :)
Maybe it's the Air Force? I can't keep all the divisions straight either... :lol:
omg i thought i seached well. i guess searching for 'army' was my downfall. lol.

thanks, i could see this site becoming veeeerrrrryyyy addicting. :p
no prob.

anyway, the search feature is quirky... if you want to search for beginning words that are three letters, you have to ad an underscore:

_air force



etc. etc... :)