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I have searched for the commercial on this site to no avail, the commercial aired around summer and fall of 2002, it contains the following voice over, "behind them, a snippy maitre 'd, ahead, a family drama, playing itself out" the voice over is accompanied by video of the "snippy maitre 'd" and the "family drama" a cat on a shelf knocking over a vase while a dog barks at it I believe. The voice over then goes on to say something about how, here though, (in the car, driving down the road) there are no worries. A coupled dressed for an evening out is shown at night, driving in their Acura rx. I am interested in the music playing in the background, the only way I can describe it is mischievous. Maybe bells are playing? All instrumental. There is at least one other commercial in this group with Acura, not sure if it is for the same model. The voice over in that one is “behind him, a small crammed apartment, ahead, a junior executive office” (showing a cubica)l” but here, blah blah blah. Same music. If anyone has a clue thanks
I haven't found any info yet, but unless someone comes up with an answer on here... You might want to try contacting Acura's Customer Service and ask what agency did their ads and getting in touch with them.