Absolut vodka raspberry

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I just saw a commercial for Absolut, raspberry flavored. It was a bottle being painted or something like that... At first it just sounded like little squeaky sound effects, but then there was a beat behind it... it was just really neat sounding. Sounds like it was probably made for the ad... but maybe it wasn't!
Just saw this one. Sounds like something Bobby McPheron would do. ;)
Hmm... I'll check him out. Even if I don't find the exact song, I'm sure I'll like him! :)
It might help if I spelled his name right. Bobby McFerrin. :rolleyes:
I've seen that commercial and I'm pretty sure it's not McFerrin. It doesn't sound like him.
Beatboxing. There's a name for it. :p :rolleyes: I guess there would hafta be huh. Live-n-Learn.

Anyway that's all I meant by something McFerrin would do. All vocals like some of his stuff. Not that it was necessarily was him. ;) I only came back to correct my spelling cuz I'm anal like that. :p