Absolut Apeach vodka "Surrender"


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Absolut Apeach vodka "Surrender"

I'm curious, I just saw the commercial for the new Absolut Apeach commercial with the song in which a guy and girl both sings "surrender". If anyone knows what song this is, I'd surely like to know!
Okay, here's the info you need to find the song in the Absolut Apeach ad from the Absolut site.

First, go to: Absolute Apeach. You'll have to put in your date of birth; then you'll be taken to a web page specifically for Apeach vodka.

The graphics will load, and you'll end up with the Absolut bottle and arrows on either side of the bottle at the bottom of the page. Clik one of the arrows slowly, and you'll come around to "Song." Click it. You'll see where you can download the song there (just click on "here").

Hope that helps!
GOT IT! Thank you so much for the help. I didnt see the arrows before for some reason.
HI! Does anyone have a mp3 of the song? I can seem to find it on the site anymore. Please help if you can thanks!