1. jca

    Absolut World "Anthem"

  2. H

    Absolut Mango

    What is the name of the artist or song that plays during the Absolut MANGO commercial. The one that says juicy.
  3. G

    Absolut vodka "Moon"

    Absolut vodka "Moon" It's September 30th 2007, and I'm watching brothers and sisters on Global (ch. 7 for me here in Calgary Alberta Canada), and a commercial for Absolute Vodka just played (8:44pm Calgary time). I liked the song that it was playing. Does anyone know it? The commercial...
  4. A

    Absolut vodka pillow fight

    i was wondering if anyone knew the song in the commercial for absolut where everyone in this city is pillow fighting interesting commercials they have...
  5. U

    Absolut Pear Vodka

    Hey does anyone know the music in the new absolut pear vodka commercial, you know with the snake? thanks.
  6. B

    Absolut vodka "The Absolute"

    I have been seeing the new Absolute vodka commercial where it will show images like Steve McQueen as the absolute man, CBGB & OMFUG as the ultimate club, and the Statue of Liberty as the absolute welcome. I was wondering if anyone knows what song was playing in the background. Anyone?
  7. H

    Absolut Apeach vodka "Surrender"

    Absolut Apeach vodka "Surrender" I'm curious, I just saw the commercial for the new Absolut Apeach commercial with the song in which a guy and girl both sings "surrender". If anyone knows what song this is, I'd surely like to know!