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Would anyone know the song/artist from the new Absolut Cut commercial (the one with the water droplet running down the bottle)?

I think it was also recently used in an episode of CSI, played while one of the coroners is washing sand off a body. WHICH flavour of CSI, I can't quite remember...
Didn't know CSI came in flavors now. Do you remember which episode of Absolut?
:lol: j/k
Oh sure... CSI comes in silicon (Vegas) & saline (Miami), with au naturel (New York) available this fall! :)
Mehhhhh. They'll find a way to charge extra for the unflavored (New York). <_<

Anyway Canadian ads are kinda tough. I've yet to find a decent resource for viewing them. You'd think we'd see most of them down here but we don't. :( *shrugs*
If it is the version that is running in Canada, then it is a song by "Bent" titled "Invisible Pedestrian"

If it is anywhere else, then it is done by "Bones Domingo" (www.res-freq.com)

...where are you located? Which one did you see?
:ph34r: Have you seen that commercial?
There is no singing, but there is really cool drumming going on in the background.
It shows the bottle that says ABSOLUT CUT.
What's that music called? Anyone? Thanx!!
Can someone tell me the name of the tune in the background of the absolut cut vodka commercial?????