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Hey, just wondering does anybody know where can I find the music they play in Abercrombie & Fitch stores. Has anyone actually taken the time to notice that they play some good music there......yea I know it's kinda wierd, but it's annoyin the bejesus out of me :D Anyhoo....where can I find it?

I think they're all techno songs....actually I'm not really sure :unsure:
Ask some people at the stores. Seems like the way to go.
Originally posted by andy@Aug 12 2004, 01:57 PM
Ask some people at the stores. Seems like the way to go.
people at the stores are kinda.....stupid :rolleyes:
LOL I love the Abercrombie skits they do on Mad TV.. :lol:
was that the one were they pose like every second and that asian guy wears that funky hat :D
LOL yeah like they're all naked except for pants and a ski hat or a scarf, and then they have Bobby Lee like in full Innuit gear. And they're all gay for each other.. high-larious!
I Thought Abercrombie sold CDs...........................Umm They Have Downlodable Music On The Web Site..........It Changes Every Two Weekis I Think
Ok lol...First I work at Abercrombie, and not everyone who works there is stupid. :blink: But about the music, I was actually wanting to know what music we play too lol. The music on the website isnt neceserelly the music we play at the store though I know that. Ill try to find out the tracklist or something from my manager. lata