A BOMB ! ! !


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For last year's Halloween I brought the camera and went to this big party with a bon fire and tons of fireworks. This guy from the party makes fireworks bombs every year. This year will be a huge bomb! :D Surprisingly, he managed to put that piece of video I made on the web ! ! ! (just the bomb, not the rest of the whole night) CHECK IT OUT! I hadn't seen it myself since like a year ago.
Oh yeah B)

I just spoke with the bomb guy, and yeah..... this year's bomb is just gonna be 10,000 times louder, bigger, and just more powerful (firework wise) This time I'll take the clip out of the video and put it on the web myself.

:D He even said that he'll try to make his bomb so powerful, it'll create a shockwave! :lol:
sure does <_<


Mellie, are you gonna dress up as Danger Kitty for Halloween?
I.. hadn't planned on it.. :unsure:

Maybe I'll go as Pippi Longstocking again. /:)\
You know it. ;)

There'll be one.. on my ARM. :naughty: Another on.. my KNEE. :naughty: One showing my ANKLE. :naughty: