50 first dates song


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OK I hope someone can help me because I'm going to go go crazy if I don't find out who plays this song. It is an instrumental song. It starts with what seems to be a xylophone and electric guitar and then goes into piano, and an orchestra? It comes out in several parts of the movie but you can hear it really well in the part where adam sandler gives drew some lillies and tells her she has a secret admirer. Also when the scene of -there's nothing like a first kiss- when they are in the beach at night and she has a camera. God PLEEEASE SOMEONE.....ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'm not ready to go crazy:cry:. Thanks!!
Yeah a lot of good music in that movie. But I don't know what that one is.
I believe it's part of the original score of the movie by TEDDY CASTELLUCCI who writes the music for most of Adam Sandler's movies.
I just got this movie in from Netflix today... will try and take a look at it soon and double check.
Thanks to everyone who has answered. I did some searching, becuse it sort of sounds like that song from the paper mario commercial, which i got some information from this site, and is the song from true romance by hans zimmer-you're so cool. It sort of sounds like that song minus the electric guitar and orchestra. But I could be wrong. Thanks again. everyone. I'm still looking. Oh yeah, is there an original score for this movie? As i've looked under Teddy Castellucci and haven't found one.Anyone?
Well, I watched the movie and checked out the song listing in the credits -- and nothing jumped out at me. I have to agree it sounds like something that would be included in a score.