2006 Lexus GS


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Reaction score
I've only seen two ad and they all have the same approach. Starts with someone finding a start button and press on it and we see the car in action, utilizing its AWD capability.... The music sound Media Venture-esque, with choppy strings and percussion.

Does anyone know?
I would love to know, expecially the one with the person who is doing the whole espionage thing...
Oh, yeah--w00t to finding the answer to the espionage/Mission: Impossible one.
Sorry I can't help personally, but just seconding (thirding? fourthing?) what's already been asked.

Glad I don't have to post this under a new topic.
I absolutely love the cue at the beginning of the line-drop (chick in black leather/latex/whatever) one with the button contained in that wild icy plastic (the scifi artist side of my head wants to call it a biomechanical flower) ray cage. The sound and mood is very weird and dark. Almost but not quite John Barry-esque, deliciously strange low base progression. Then it goes to that idiotic "standard action flick music" part and ruins the whole mood. Meh.

I'd be happy just knowing the ad agency so that we can start to hit them up to release... well, at least videos. Be much happier with just a good mp3/ogg of the music.

Time to pester the Lexus folks for info. =]
I would also like to know the name of this song, any help, anyone...anyone?!
i would really like to get the music from the one with the guy climbing teh ice wall
Wow, ya I need this song too.

I am pretty sure Team One Advertising did the spots.
Don't know if any of this helps with your search but here it goes:

Team One, El Segundo, Calif.

Toyota Motor Sales USA, Torrance, Calif.

Group creative directors
Jon Pearce
James Dalthorp

Executive creative director
Chris Graves

Associate creative director/art director
James Hendry

Senior copywriter
Kathy Hepinstall

Agency executive producer
Jack Epsteen

Agency assistant producer
Leah Fisher

Production company
Believe Media, Los Angeles

Bruno Aveillan

Hope you guys find it would love to get the track myself.
The song goes kind of slow, with a piano solo, and then almost turns into a spy movie score thing.

HELP. What's the song?
Thanks. I actually did a search before I posted..I guess I didn't search well enough or something.
The closest thing that i noticed was the one that someone posted for the other lexus thins... its Song, No Song by broken spindles