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:D :huh: if yo could help me out, plz do, because i really would like to know the song on the new lexus es' commercials. their classy and piano-ish...lol....and the second sounds sort of japenese. If you can help plz do! thanx
Nope, that's not it. It doesn't have much of a piano sound from what I remember.
hrm, well is there anything else you can tell us about the commercial or music?
ahhh, i was looking for music for the lexus es as originally requested. :p

song, no song by broken spindles is used in the "journey" from the link sophist posted.

i believe "walk of shame" was done by team one advertising and as far as i know they use a music house/studio musicians, so i would think it was made specifically for the ad.
Has anyone found the answer to "What's the 'mysterious' piano music on the Lexus ES commercial?"

Specifically, The title of the ad is "Highway" and it's for Lexus ES.
Neither "The Broken Spindles" nor the "RX" is the answer.

It's the one with piano instrumental and a middle-aged man's voiceover. It starts with three chords alternating slowly, with the base going down (A - G - F), with chord progression that sounds like A (major) - E (minor) - D (minor). Then high E, then, some nice chord tremolos towards the end in the higher octave.

It's been haunting me for months now. I'm loosing sleep over it. I'm playing it on my keyboard. I think they've found the ultimate jam session chord progression. Help!!!

Hear it at:
Choose "Highway"

Please keep this Lexus ES piano music topic alive until we find the musician/CD/agency/etc.

Right after posting, I googled once more. See article below.


"Santa Monica-based Admusic and 740 Sound Design collaborated on music and sound design for two Lexus spots promoting the company's line of ES vehicles. Conceived by Team One Advertising, El Segundo, Calif., "Highway" and "Milestone" feature montages of driving footage showing the ES in a number of dramatic settings. The accompanying voiceover evokes Lexus' passion and quest for perfection. "To get there," states the voiceover in "Highway," "you set your speed at 'impossible' and never take your foot off the accelerator." Admusic composer Paul Bessenbacher and 740 Sound Design sound designers Eddie Kim and Michael Johnson were tasked with creating original music and sound to support the lyrical quality of the voiceover, while suggesting the speed and power of the car. Paul Schultz executive produced for Admusic. The commercials were directed by Daniel Barber for bicoastal Rock Fight."
Anyone know the song in the Lexus ES commercial? It starts with a few piano notes and then builds. It's all piano I think.
Ok, got the answer.... Sounds great. But where can we obtain the music? is is possible?