Lexus LX commercial


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Hey I just saw a Lexus LX (i think it as the LX at the end it showed all 3 Lexus SUVs) but anyway it was like a piano playing (im pretty sure its piano i could be off now that i think about it) Its totally instrumental though. The commercial is new since i just saw it once and for the first time the other day. it was on here in the US. I live in NYC so if that helps too.

Hope someone can help me :)

Lexus has some good songs in its commericals i notice.
bumping threads with "anyone" etc... doesn't help. If you haven't gotten a response, people haven't seen the ad yet or have no idea on the music. You have to be patient.

Where did you see the ad? In the US, Canada, elsewhere? What channel do you see it on, during particular time or shows? Any info like that will help people recognize it when they see it.

Have you tried contacting Lexus yet and asking if they have any info on the music or ad agency that produced the spot?