2004 Ford Escape "Lake"


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Hey guys.
My first post ^_^
I did the search thing and couldn't find anything on this.
I think its a pretty new commercial. Its the song that plays at the end of the Ford Escape commercial. Its got this guy doing a complex parallel parking manouver and he parks between two trees.


I'm looking for a song used in a Ford Escape commercial myself... this one is a driving scene. Very ambient (as most commercials go) with just a little trance...
I'm also looking for a 2004 Ford Escape commercial tune. This one has the tune playing in the background and there is a couple sleeping the vehicle with their gear strapped outside. :blink:
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I contacted ford and asked them about this track (from the 2005 escape commercial) and I just got the response today. It was written for the commercial by a group called "machine head" and unfortunately, will not be made available to the public. :(

P.S. So there is no confusion, I am referring to the commercial with the couple lying asleep inside.
I used to work for J Walter Thompson (fords ad agency ) I'll try to get a cd and post it. I'm going to get the kayak/canoe commercial song
Ford Escape

Okay so it's a ford escape commercials, pretty new. It's like all in mountainy wild area, and it's dragging ski boats or whatever because the drivers are really outdoorsy. And in the end they're all sleeping in the back, because it's so spacious and has sixtysomething cubic feet of space.

Anyways the music is instrumental, really calm. I don't know if anyone can find it?
2004 Ford Escape "Lake"

They have been airing this commercial for a Ford Escape (maybe a hybrid, not sure) for a while, at least since fall 2004. It's pretty uneventful, in fact, I am not even sure I've ever seen it all the way through, but the music gets me every time. It's sort of very relaxing and subtle, yet moving. If anyone knows what it is or where to look for it, please, let me know! Thanks in advance.
Wow, I just signed up to ask about this commercial tune. I saw it tonight during American Idol and immediately wanted to know. If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Sorry, no answer, it's just me, the original poster. Lol, you posted 7 minutes after me! Great minds think alike? :) I'm glad someone else is asking about it, maybe with more interest, we'll find the answer sooner. If you find it elsewhere, please, stop by here and let me know!
Hello, Fellow Travelers. I see there are fairly few of us on this journey to find the author of this great musical piece. I too, saw this commercial during what was probably my first time watching (rather bearing through) an entire episode of the American Idiot... sorry, I meant "Idol". (Well the do have a good portion of idiots on there, as well as some talent...) Myself being a musician with a strong affinity for ambient and electronic music, I instantly took note of the lush musical arrangement in the Escape Commercial... right from the very first strum of that acoustic guitar. And when the main beat came in prominently - I was determined to find the author of this excellent excerpt, which is also very tastefully seasoned with natural ambiances like running water and birds' chirping!!! Very Delicious!!! I only hope that it wasn't a proprietory piece, though, as is sometimes the case - when the music is written solely for that ad. However, I must say, it reminded me of a genre employed by several fairly popular artists, such as Deep Forest and a bit of Era, or later Enigma. (check'em out if you already haven't) Of course, It is sad that so few of us are interested in such creative and elegant music. But I guess it takes intelligent minds to appreciate sophisticated music, or any other art for that matter... ...And with today's advent of Rap (which is also an art, only hardly musical, but rather lyrical), the mainstream entertainment has little, if any room left for other styles of music, especially melodic type like the one that captivated our attention here today. ...Anyways, let me know if you find the answer, or any clues - and I vie to do the same for you!

Until next time, I bid all of you Peace and the best of musical enjoyment...

Maestro Al
I was just wondering if this was the commercial where it ends with a couple sleeping in the back of their Escape. It's a really good song and I'm hoping someone on here will know the answer!
Originally posted by drewsky@Feb 3 2005, 06:23 AM
I was just wondering if this was the commercial where it ends with a couple sleeping in the back of their Escape.
Yes, that's exactly the one I meant. I'm glad to hear that more people are looking for this melody now! I've been searching for it for weeks, but maybe now that more people are looking for it, we'll find it!
Maestro, saw your other post on what's that called, I see we travel the same roads...
Yes, Talyana, we do seem to share the same musical curiosity, and you're right - when enough of us join in an effort to find it, perhaps we will stir interest in some higher organizations that would have the answer.

Keep Looking!
hi all...i went to the ford website and found customer service. i emailed them about the music for the commercial and this is what i've gotten back (so far):

"Thank you for your message regarding the Ford Escape. We
appreciate the time you have taken to inquire about the music played in
the Escape commercial.

We have initiated the required research to respond to your inquiry.
We hope to have a final answer for you shortly and will keep you apprised
as to the status of your request via e-mail. Thank you for your

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center"

So hopefully they'll email me back sometime soon about the song...just wanted to let you guys know...
Wow, great, drewsky, thank you! Please, do come back and let us know when you hear from them! I had the same idea as you and also e-mailed Ford a while ago, but so far I haven't gotten anything from them... :-( But hopefully, they'll come through for you. Did you tell them there were many more people looking for that music? Maybe that would encourage them to hurry up with that research.
Hello everyone. Wow I see people are still looking for the very elusive Ford Escape Commercial music. Bummer.... My Son & I first heard the music probably about 7 or 8 months ago just a rough estimate. I don't think quite a year ago. Anyway about the same results were found then. Man I must have that song. It about brings me to tears it's so cool!
I too like the music in that commercial. I've liked it for some time, but never got the chance to post the thread. Glad someone else did. I hope we get an answer soon, though most of the music for Ford commericals are in house. That was the case with the music for the Freestyle--both the rock and clapping versions.
I have heard this music before. In fact, I know I have it somewhere in my collection on some various artists CD. It's really bugging me that I can't remember where I've heard this music before. I also e-mailed Ford for information. Hopefully, they will respond soon.
lpierce13, any plans to go through your collection and see if you can find the melody there? :) I know it probably is a heck of a task if your collection is like mine, but maybe you could at least start? :)
As for the music being in house, while it's totally possible, it just sounds way too elaborate to be just that, you know?
Finally, I also e-mailed Ford, and they replied asking for specifics - what was in the commercial, even what time it aired!! I mean - gosh, how many Ford Escape commercials do they have out there? I, of course, do not remember any such specifics, so I'll have to wait until I see the commercial again before I can write them back, and they haven't been airing it that often lately. If anyone catches it and has the time to note the specifics, please, let me know.
Hello again, fellow Pilgrims!!! I have been endulging in the tedious task of research for this particular matter. Besides starting several threads on other sites regarding this song, I've also emailed both Ford and Fox, since I saw the commercial during an episode of American Idol. Finally, today Ford replied, but only asking for more specifics such as time and date - same as aforementioned by Talyana. I will give them what I know. But I'm also glad that more of you are directly contacting them. This adds validity to the whole matter in their eyes. Because, even though I mentioned the fact that there are many others searching, and that I as a producer would greatly appreciate their help, still the heaviest factor is the number of people. Who knows, even if it is a proprietory(in house) song, when enough people show interest in it, they might very well have their producing agency release the song as a single or elsehow make it available.

So keep on politely requesting ("nagging") Ford on this subject. We MUST FIND THIS SONG!!! You can also find out where to obtain this commercial as a Quicktime movie file from one of my previous posts on this thread.