1994 Levi's "What's Big"


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I may be dating my self with this, but I remember in the late 90's there was a Levi's add with the models wearing the jeans being tossed into the air with a big parachute or trampoline or something.

The music to the ad was relatively simple but stirring. I was composed of a harmonica and a simple drum beat similar to the Queen song, "We will rock you", but the vocals were just a group (sounded almost like a crowded stadium) of people singing "Heee-eeee-eee-eee-eeeY" up and down three notes for 5 beats. At different keys. The harmonica would do it, then the people would repeat it.

I always wanted to know the group that did the song since I have NEVER heard anything like it since. It almost sounded like a soccer hoolie chant.
I was thinking at first that you meant Gary Glitter "Rock & Roll Part 2", but after singing the song to myself the way you described it I think I do know which one you mean (very well described, by the way). I CAN'T for the life of me think of artist or title.. but maybe I can help jog someone else's memory. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's by a hispanic man or group, perhaps South American, and I think that it is actually used as a soccer (futbol) chant at the games.
I believe we owned the mp3 at one time, so I'll look through and see if I can find it..
OK.. perhaps it's not South American but Italian that I'm thinking of. It's still not necissarily the one you're looking for, but the one I THINK you're looking for might be possibly called the Alé Chant, or even "Soccer Anthem" by The Crowd (a band named The Crowd, or the soccer crowd, I don't know)..
Still looking into it..
Yeah, definitely NOT Gary Glitter R&R Pt.2. That's got a bit too much music behind it if you get my meaning.

I'll check those two out and see if that's what I'm thinking of. I'm really kicking myself over this one...
brent Posted on Dec 4 2003, 11:21 PM
Im pretty sure it is Ole (soccer anthem)

I've listened to the sample of that, but it's not it. Thanks for help though.

I think I may send an email out to Levi's and see if their CRM can tell me anything. Perhaps I'll have to make something like it myself... ;)

Heck, I've already been researching famous blues harmonica players to see if they lead anywhere!

This one commercial I believe was back in the early 90s, I can't remember when. I know it's a clothing commercial, and I believe it's Levi's, advertising for Levi's Big Jeans. What I'm trying to find out is what the song is called.

The commercial, takes place outdoors, with a tree in the background. The background stays the same, but there's adults and some kids doing slow motion trampoline jumps, and some flips. That's all I can remember about it. If anyone has any idea what song is played, that would be great. I do have an old recording of a small clip of the song a long time ago. If necessary, I'll put it up on a webspace.

The song sounded like a football type song done by a men acappella group. The whole commercial was men jumping on trampolines (which you could not see) and nothing but trees and blue sky in the background. Know this song?
1994 Levi's "What's Big" commercial

So, I've finally found this commercial again after many, many years that someone had finally uploaded. This is the other "What's Big" commercial for Levi's.

I'm hoping someone could identify the song or artist, but like most music, I'm afraid it is just for the commercial.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks!