1950's commercial music


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hi i need help finding some 50's commercial type music corney,happy,music. like that upbeat "mom's making brownies" stuff. im sry if im not being too clear about it but yea if u know what im talking about, help me out.

Hmm.. Well I don't know about music made in the 50's but if you want some happy/corny music... how bout "The Rain, The Park, and other things (I love the flowergirl) by The Cowsills" or "So Happy Together by The Turtles" or "I can see clearly now by Johnny Nash (I think)" Don't know if that's the type your looking for but good luck.
Here are some of my favorites you may enjoy:

Johnny Tillotson - Poetry in Motion
Paul Anka - Diana
Paul Anka - Oh Carol
Chubby Checker - Shake Rattle and Roll (This is actually pretty funny...)
(of course)
Ritchie Valens - La Bamba
If you're looking for campy type songs try:

Ultra Lounge series: Space Capades (vol. 3), Cocktail Capers (vol 8)

More later.....
How about some of Pizzicato Five's stuff? I'm thinking something off of their "Happy End of the World" album.