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I'm working with making Gametrailers and therefor
I was hoping that the MusicBanter community could help me out.

I find it quit hard to find good music tracks for my trailer creasjons.
So hoping you can help me out finding some great tracks.

I'm currently working on two different projects.
Its for the games Planetside 2, a galactic battle open world war game.
And Project Cars, the most beautifull car racing simulator game.

Now im open to all suggestions, but i got some idea of what i want. Now im not good with music generes but inspirationell, post haste, fantasy, epic type of things.

Look at the first trailer i made for project cars featuring the graphics, now i need to make one for gameplay and one for planetside2.

Counting on your help, ill give credit in the video to the one leading me to the msuic track ill choose for my vids.
Thx a lot, and best regards.