1. Bloodlessr

    Acura TSX

    It sounded kinda electronic with female vocals. The commercial had the car driving around and it was like transparent and inside there was people doing stuff like a meeting, working out, swimming. The slogon was something like "Your Car, Your Life". Any ideas?
  2. X

    Acura TL

    Anyone know the composer or song title of this jazz mix? I would really appreciate it! If you have not seen the commercial, its on here: :)
  3. M

    Acura RL

    Looking for the title of piano music played in new (Jan 04) Acura RL commercial. Commerical shows the car and this gentrified man using a lap top. Thanks!
  4. T

    Acura 2004 TL

    The ad start with the car pushing its way through low fog cutting a trail on the road. it then creates it's own bridge as it keeps driving across the valley. all digital. the music is a new age, no word but a few vocal chants in the back ground