1. T

    Acura Season of Performance

    Does anyone know the artist of the 'Deck the Halls' remix in this commercial. I can't say I like it..but finding the artist has become a maddening obsession
  2. FarmerBob

    Acura TLX "Parties with Passwords" Just saw it, although it may have been out for some time. I ran Shazam and no luck in getting a hit on the music. All I have to say is I'd love to "feel" the whole song. Anyone know if it is an actual cut, the name and who does it? Thanks . . . . . . fb
  3. E

    2013 Acura ILX "Forbes Review"

    What is the song in this commercial???
  4. estioe

    2013 Acura ILX "Office"

    It's NOT this commercial: The one I am talking about is the same in idea execution, but with a different guy. The music is different too. There's a female singer, and some of the words in the song are "pina coladas" and "speedy gonzalez" (yeah...
  5. M

    2013 Acura ILX "Airport"

    Just heard a new (to me) ad for an Acura LX. It was a soul/R& B type song. Anyone know it?
  6. M

    2011 Acura TL

    This commercial features Calvin Johnson (All-Pro Receiver) being undressed from his football gear, and dressed in a a suit and tie. The line is "It works with people. It works with cars. The newly refined Acura TL. Aggression in its most elegant form." The classical music is obviously cello...
  7. K

    Acura Advance Motor Trend Baudette Minnesota

    YouTube - Acura Advance Motor Trend Baudette Minnesota Commercial HD I'm really anxious to identify the classical piece playing in this commercial. It's quite lovely, would appreciate any help or pointers. Thanks!
  8. Q

    2011 Acura TSX Wagon "Transformation"

    Can't seem to find the answer anywhere... anyone have any idea? Beautiful song right?
  9. T

    Acura Season Of Reason Sales Event

    There are several different versions of the commercial, they all have the same tune though. I fear its just a tune made for the commercial. :/ Anyone know?
  10. A

    Acura "Hey Love"

    I watched Love and Other Drugs yesterday and there was a commercial for Acura. Not sure if I'm supposed to post this in movie trailers or not, but thought I'd try here first. The song had a lot of instrumental in it, but the only line I knew of was "Hey love". I couldn't make out the other...
  11. D

    Acura TSX Canada 2009

    I was wondering if anyone knows this music from the Canada version of Acura TSX commerical in 2009. It's not like a song, but more like a piece of piano tune. I was able to find the actual video of the commercial to explain it easier. I would appreciate it if anyone can help.
  12. D

    2010 Acura ZDX "Exclamation"

    anybody know the song title and artist from an Acura zdx "exclamation" commercial aired last week? It was latin music
  13. J

    Acura "Drive Home Safely for the Holidays"

    Im looking for the symphony music playing in the background of the new "Drive Home safely for the holidays" event. Thanks.
  14. K

    Acura TL "Journey Not Destination"

    There was a commercial going I think it's the 2009 Acura TL Advance Journey not Destination commercial, although there are no lyrics it does sound like something from a Swedish band called Kent would do. It's just melodical. It's not one of the earlier commercials of the car punching through...
  15. S

    1990s Acura

    Greetings all - I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for the song used in an Acura commercial that aired sometime in the mid to late 1990's. The commercial I'm thinking of was not for a particular model, but was for the Acura brand itself. It was in black & white and showed various scenes of people...
  16. G

    Acura TSX

    anyone know the song in this commercial? drama kid is part of the song
  17. N

    Acura RDX "Wall Art" Funk

    Acura RDX "Wall Art" Funk track by Elias Arts--Any clue as to the name of the song? Has it been used before? LOVE it, want more info. Will e-mail music supervisor, see what I get. If anyone else knows, by all means, share! Fondest Regards, NM/FC
  18. L

    Acura MDX 2008 Christmas

    Can anyone help with the instrumental music on the Acura Christmas commercial for the MDX? It is part of the "Joy is Back" series. Thanks in advance.
  19. B


    It features a man walking, then a Acura turns a corner. A mother looks back in the back seat and looks at her daughter. I know this really isn't a great description, but it's all I can give at the minute. It's from 1997, please help! Thanks.
  20. J


    Hopefully this is not a repeat request - I did search for it. New Acura (?) commercial with the man running with the boom box - it says isn't about time for an upgrade or something to that effect. I SO need to know what song is playing on that boom box! Thanks in advance! - Joy