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    Adtunes Reunion... Anyone?

    Hello. Does Melissa still poke around here?
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    Anybody have Facebook?

    No. He lacks the strength and the opposable thumbs. ha
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    Anybody have Facebook?

    I am on facebook, but my cat controls and updates it.
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    Hi everyone.

    Your Max avatar is pretty sweet too.
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    Face Off

    It's the prelude in D-Flat, Op. 28, No. 15 AKA Raindrop prelude by Chopin.
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    Hi everyone.

    Best avatar ever.
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    NHL 08 Ad

    Oh, man, that's a classic.
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    Viva La Bam

    Lexicon "Ordinary"
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    It took me four years to find this song but, I finally found it...I'm ashamed because I already owned songs by Stiff Little Fingers and never recognized them. "Gotta Getaway" Driver commercial
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    Pimp My Ride

    The Sounds - Living in America
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    Halo 3

    Two minutes in.
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    Dentyne Blast 'The music in the commercial is generated specifically for the commercial we made.'
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    Random Dump Zone, part.. what? Kajillion?

    You are the best.
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    Would you rather be buried alive or beaten to death by a giant hand of smoke?
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    Random Dump Zone, part.. what? Kajillion?

    Melissa, you know it's all about the breadtangle of pizza!