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Howdy there folks,

Well, here's the dilemma - ever get a song stuck in your head? Well, I was watching TV one day and this song comes on for a Zeller's commercial. It's a nice, mellow country-ish type tune (is "country-ish" a word?) and it's BUGGIN' ME!!! What is IT!?!

Before you go and say, "Why dear Swatch Dog, it's the Be Good Tanyas" I gotta say noper-doodles (that's "no" in non-cool speak). I know of the Be Good Tanyas song "The Littlest Birds" and loved it (loooved it!) and it's not "The Littlest Birds". (I bought their album and you should too.)

The spot has this kid running with a red ribbon to a garage and the song that accompanies is pretty mellow and REALLY familiar. If you know what I speak of, then please post! This song has been driving me batty for the past couple of days.

I await your reply, dear posters,

Signed in infamy,

(If you get my name reference, I'll give you two COOL points!)
well hello there. I'm looking for that song too
the one your looking for has a male singer right?
Yo there Sam,

Noper-doodles. The spot I'm looking for has this woman humming (or scatting) over the piece. It almost sounds like "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" but the lyrics are changed up.

I haven't heard the newest one (yet!)

This song is still driving me bananas!

That's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

No Cool Points for Sammy, :p Kidding.

I await your reply once again, dear posters,

In Commercial Song Purgatory and in infamy,

I'm the Infamous SwatchDog.

(Ummm, "infamous" means more than famous, right?)
Hey there posters,

A slight update!

The song on the commercial goes:
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, heeey, it's a beautiful day, (then some more scatting), when the night comes..." then goes on.
It's a woman who sings it and she has a raspy type voice. It sounds like World Music or something. I thought it was "What A Wonderful World" remade, but nope, different lyrics.

Please help! The song is driving me nutty!

Hope this helps in the search,


Swatch Dog
(Cold Chillin')
You threw me off with the counrty-ish and it should've been reggae-ish or something. The track you're after is...

When the Night Feels My Song
by Bedouin SoundClash

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Nice find! You can listen to the whole song (Admin Edit: Link removed. Direct links not allowed.). :D