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I really need to know if there is a song for any zellers commercial??
Anyone that is special for zellers?
Does anybody know the name of the song and/or artist used in the new Zellers spring commercial? (Just came out late Feb 2005).
From what I've seen, their latest ad campaign uses different songs for each commercial, which are based on the seasons (e.g. back-to-school, christmas, spring, summer, etc...) or a shopping audience (e.g. tweens).
I've just become hooked on the song used in their latest commercial. I think I know the artist, but I'm not sure.
If you're talking about a tv ad that's running in Canada... There's a new Zellers Springtime Kids advertisement in Canada only that features "The Littlest Birds" by The Be Good Tanyas. It's a bunch of flying images of children and products on a bright white backgroud.

"The Littlest Birds" by The Be Good Tanyas is available on their album "Blue Horse." Also available from .

More info on The Be Good Tanyas.
There's this new ZELLERS commercial, the springy one with the Ipod flying like a bird, real zellers style.... and there's this song sang by a lady.... sounds like an old country song (but it's not), very "sunny" feeling... WHAT THE F..K is it???
damn that zellers commercial has been driving me nuts trying to figure it out.........please keep me posted if you find it.
hey, Punk2theCore
i found it.............
if we're talking about the same song it's called
"The Littlest Birds"
and it's sung by The Be Good Tanyas' from Vancouver BC
it's from their first album called Blue Horse released in 2001.
Whats the song called that goes..

" Hey, hey, hey, hey , hey,... hey hey hey hey hey... When the night.... catches that songgggggggggggggggggggg, all be home.........."

I know the words are probably WAY wrong.. but u get the idea! LOL
Im going nuts. which zellers song is this?
... how you mentioned Bedouin Soundclash ...

I just discovered Bedouin Soundclash the other day, liked what I heard, and bought their "Sounding A Mosaic" CD! Cool group if you're into reggae/ska ... I swear the lead singer sounds like a young Sting or the lead singer from UB40!