Zeller's Back to School ad


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I'm dying to know the name of the song and/or the original artist who performed it. The song is in an ad Zellers is currently running for Back to school backpacks. The lyrics are about animals, and going to heaven in a little row boat, and clapping. Help!!
the song on the back to school Zellers ad is called 'The Clapping Hands Song' I wish I knew who did the cover of it. It the best cover of it I've ever heard.
I'm with you here, this is a very clever add, with excellent music, though I've never heard the particular rhyme outside of the ad, it sounds much like any one of numerous schoolyard rhymes from childhood.
I found out what the song is! The original was Rubber Dolly (The Clapping Song) by Shirley Ellis in 1965. The Belle Stars did a cover too. Thanks all!