Yoplait "Fit as a Fiddle" yogurt


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Yoplait "Fit as a Fiddle" yogurt

Is this the same version of the song that was on the "Singin' in the Rain" soundtrack? It doesn't sound like the same rendition...the lyrics sound turned around. (I never saw the movie by the way..)

Fit as a fiddle, and ready for love
I can jump over the moon up above
Fit as a fiddle, and ready for love.

Haven't a worry, haven't a care,
Feel like a feather just floating on air,
Fit as a fiddle and ready for love.

Soon the church bells will be ringin'
And we'll march with Ma and Pa.
How the church bells will be ringin'
With a hey nonny nonny and a ha cha cha

Hi diddle diddle, my baby's okay
Ask me a riddle and what does she say?
Fit as a fiddle and ready for love.
Lyrics to the song from Singing in the Rain here. Look like the same lyrics to me. :unsure:
The lyrics are the same, but the versions are different. In Singin' in the Rain the song is sung by Donald O'Conner and Gene Kelly. :)
Ahh okay. Does anyone know who does the version on the commercial?
I don't know who does that particular version, but Steve Martin sang and danced to it in the surreal film "Pennies From Heaven"!
does anyone know the song from the (i believe it is yoplait) yogurt commercial? it sounds like an old song and the lyrics are something like "fit as a fiddle and not a care in the world..." something like that...thanks in advance
Artist: Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor

From the movie "Singin' in the Rain"
thanks andy! that is the song. don't like it as much as the version with the woman from the commercial, but you have pointed me in the right direction. thanks again :)
You're very welcome ;)

I didn't know that it was covered, until now. The only woman I can find that sang it is Debbie Reynolds. That may be her, or they got some random woman to sing it. :lol:
Oh god! Here I am, finally getting some answers posted out there, and the questions have already been answered! :lol:
Do any of you know the song that plays for the yoplait light commercial?? it talks about having a skinny waist...
Can you describe the music? Genre, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc...
yeah, it's a female voice and the music sounds like it's from the 50's...it starts with this woman hula hooping. A voice says, "Don't we all wish we had a skinny waist.." or something like that. lol looks like nobody has seen it before
Yeah, it does sound like it's from the fifties. Some of the lyrics go like this:

I haven't a worry, I haven't a care

And then it might say something about a feather floating on air.
Hi folks,

I just saw this tonight and reminded me to try to figure out what song they used for it - it sounds like one of those old-times scratch record songs - a female voice singing... the ad features women smiling, and dancing....hope that helps. I did a quick forum/archive search of "Yoplait" and "yogurt" comes up with nada....

Anyone know if this is an actual song or just a jingle made for the ad ?


I heard this too and was wondering. Some lyrics are "Fit as a fiddle and feeling so good...I'd jump over the moon if I could"
Hmm...I didn't realize the commerical came out in '04. In any case from the info on the other thread, I checked out Allmusic.com and typed in "Fit as a Fiddle" which came up with a list of folks who covered the song.

Omitting the male singers, the following is what I found :

Kay Starr
Doris Day
Annette Hanshaw
Barbera Rosene

plus the other trend mention Debbie Reynolds too.

Hope that helps for the Yoplait yougurt "Fit as a Fiddle" fans out there....