XM Satellite Radio/Car Comercial



I believe this is a recent comercial for the XM Satellite Radio advertising their services. The one in particular that I am reFerring to is the man is driving down the street listening the XM Radio and the comercial is showing you the radio unit and different music selections that you can choose from. The song that is playing the in the background sounds like its saying "Maybe, there's something wrong" and this repeats throughout the comercial. HELP! does anyone know that song this is??? Thank you much! :)
There are several XM Satellite Radio commercials that fit that description. Can you remember more about the ad? Did the guy end up inside a office building lobby, elevator, and office inside his car? Or was he driving at night on a highway?
Hmmm, the most recent one that i can remember aired last night on USA during law & order. From what I can remember about it the gentelman that was in his car was being agrivated my "real life" comercials. People were walking up to him in his car asking if he wanted life insurance, something about batter up. He takes the xm unit into his house and plays it and all the people outside can hear it. I remember distinctly it was like a rockish alternative song that repeated either "baby, theres something wrong" or "maybe theres something wrong. Let me know what you think. Much appreciated.
I tried looking at what the radio had on it and I think the artist was N.E.R.d. so I am listening to some of their songs right now to see if I can pinpoint the song
The song in the XM commercial is "Maybe" by the band N.E.R.D. It's off their album Fly Or Die. Go check it out.
Anybody know what the N.E.R.D song is in the XM commercial? I miss it every time it's on.
its where a guy is driving in a car and he's listening to XM radio & on the radio is a song by NERD