XM Satellite Radio ad song

oops haha i typed in xm satellite into search...not xm radio thanks!
Does anyone happen to know the peice of music that is playing underneath the Baseball version of the new XM commercial? I have heard it on other TV commericals, and have wondered this for a while!

i'd like to know what that song the girl singing on the xm commercial is. something like, if i kiss you ... would you feel better. its a pretty simple commercial. i hope this is enough description.
I don't know is anyone has asked this question yet butit's the XM commercial at the following link


once on it click on the "on air" icon.

then click the record player icon.

I would like to know the artist and song title of the song playing on the background. it would be of much appreciation if anyone can help with this.
As far as I know it's the only XM ad out with a female voice in the music.

She sings very high so it's hard to hear what she's saying. The lyrics at the end are the most audible, and sounds like somthing along the lines of "you'll feel better".

Anyone know the song?
It's "Better" by Regina Spektor but for future references there's a "search" function in the top row there, and you would find this one's been resolved already!

Hope I helped.
I use the search.... and it never works. It's pretty horrible if you ask be.

But thank you.
"If I kiss you na na na ..make it better (echo)...better (echo)...better..."

Anyone have any idea. I can't even remember the commercial. Just a long shot in the dark
Regina Spektor - Better

If I kiss you where it’s sore
If I kiss you where it’s
will you feel better, better, better
will you
feel anything at all?
will you feel better, better,
will you feel anything at all?

Hey, also did a search for this one and came up with nothing lol but I was wondering if anyone knew the song used in the latest xfm satalite radio commercial i've seen, it's all animated i guess you would say, a girl shaking her booty and the song is by a woman she says something like:

"if I can't have you"


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Does anyone know what the new XM Satalite Radio Commmercial song is? The person singing the song is a girl, that's all that i can tell. It's a really awesome song, please help. Thanks.