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I'm looking for this music that comes at the end of the new xerox commercials. I've seen few different commercials with same music. I didnt see any credits in xerox's case study page.

nvm....i found it...the credit was given in one of the commercials listed at the end of that case study page...

the track is "Mondo '77" from album The Geometrid by Looper

i have been looking for this for like 3 years haha.

it is also featured in one of the first of the newer wave of anti-drug commercials, "my anti-drug is drawing" with a lil kid with braces.

ALSO it is featured in the new movie "the girl next door" but does not appear on the sound track.
The commercial starts out with a professor of a university lecturing. He is mocking the students and basically saying that they have no chance of getting published.

One student stands up and says with "on demand publishing", you can print a book one copy at a time and now "everybody can get published".

There is a great techno song that plays in the commercial. The only lyrics to the song in the commercial were a guys going "come on, come on".

If it helps, this song was also in a commercial about 2 years ago. It was an anti-drug commercial where some kid illustrated his own primative cartoon of a child on a bike confronted with drug pushers.

Please help me!!!
Thanks for the answer. I tried searching the site all over, but nothing came up because I didn't know that comany....Xerox.
a song from a xerox commercial where there are people floating on a raft and they vote to throw one guy off the raft, theres electric music when they show the XEROX name on screen... anyone know this song?