WOOOO!!!! Guess who just got the never before seen family guy uncensored episode! You're all jealous, I know you are. Stop pretending you heartless bastards and do the macarina with me

:woo: :woo: :woo:
I AM so jealous!!! I wonder if you can just rent that like a blockbuster or something.
Just finished. It wasn't as good as I hoped but there are some hiiiilarious parts. It's a good rent :)
I downloaded it! It's an actual movie!!! :eek: :D

honestly though ..... I've probably seen one regular episode that I thought was funnier than the whole movie, but yeah, it's still funny :)
Like when Peter says "f**ck you America". Yeah, I saw it too suckas. :lol:
Ok back to the ghost. So I'm in room and I hear this loud noise, but i think it's my mom and dad so I really don't think anything of it. Then I remember ''they told me bye'' so i look outside.. BAM no car.. so I go downstairs to make me a sandwich and I hear walking!! WALKING! I hear WALKING.. and I try to ignore it. but then I hear something being dragged so I call bf and I am scared as fuck to go upstairs.. he's like go talk to them.. so i go upstairs with my lunch and im like hum de hum.. and I see the guest bedroom door closing.. by this time I have tears in my eyes.. and I say ''mom?'' ''dad'' no answer.. so I go back to the computer and I leave my door open. Then I hear click click.. like trotting you know? and i am so fucking scared to turn around.. but i do.. and I see this shadow on the wall.. and I said ''dad stop'' and i hear it again.. and i say ''max'' and then i see the shadow go away, as if someone had walked away.

So I get up and go to my hallway.. and I see the guest door OPEN!! I am shaking.. and I said ''who the fuck is there?'' and I hear nothing.. so I get in bed, pull the covers over my head and sleep.
wow. Freaky. sure it wasn't like a home invader or something...

or your secret twin brother Hugo? (a la simpsons)

Dr Hibbert: "But what to do with poor Hugo? Too crazy for Boystown, too much of a boy for Crazytown."
You should talk to Sylvia Brown. :) (I've obviously been bored watching Montel since my doctor started my leave. :p ) She would tell you to just tell it or them to go on and leave.
Yea.. my mom (Silvia) well her name is Silveria.. anywho.. she's like did you at least share your lunch?!
Is a friendly ghost? like Casper?

or do you need to call Scooby and the gang?

I swear my house was haunted a few years ago, but it seems like they just got bored and left...

i miss my ghosts...

but this is your moment! Set a trap for it! lay some cheese out or whatever it is that ghosts eat!