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This commercial plays on ESPN every 20 minutes these days, but I can't find it anywhere. It's for the WNBA (not the "This is Who I Am" flite, however sung by "FeFe") and has lyrics that sound like "She can be anything or She can be anyone......."

Girl group; upbeat.

Any help would be appreciated.
Have you checked their website to see if the ad is online for viewing?
Yes -- They have one, but it's the FeFe one.

Thanks for the suggestion though! I'll keep lookin'
I think I saw your ad. If I'm not mistaken it's still Fefe Dobson. Just a different commercial. The lyrics I caught were "Give it up, give it up, give it up." Or is that the same one you're talking about that you're not looking for? :unsure:
if I'm not mistaken all of the wnba ads are in music video style with the song and band name in the bottom corners of the screen, so just check next time you see it on tv
its true though... i respect most womens sports but WNBA's lack of ratings is justified
i'm sorry, you're saying that the wnba sucks based on sucky ratings???
have you ever even gone to a game?

and by the way, the wnba doesn't suck. i've been a season tix holder for 8 years now and it's a great time.
I'm not arguing about the high entertainment level... It just isn't high level basketball
actually it is entertaining if you really like the game, because it isn't very much 1 on 1 play, but more of a team game that isn't around in the nba anymore-if u wanna talk about lack of ratings it's the nba that's hurting right now

I like the wnba :)

plus diana taurasi is sweet
Well the NBA ratings suffer cuz the EAST can't hang. IMHO ;)
:lol: :lol: :lol: Yeah I seem to recall Indy having to face THE LAKERS in a series that mattered once before. :p I think there was a trophy or something at stake that year. :lol: :lol:
Yeah the Lakers DID kick indiana's ass but at that time J. O'neal wasnt a superstar, not to mention artest either sucked or wasnt on the team... tinsley was only a rookie or he wasnt even there yet... they are much better now, not to mention the lakers are worse. INDIANA ALL THE WAY

by the way i'm a kings fan not a true pacers fan
Oh well then Ok. The Kings. So you don't REALLY suck. YOU REALLY REALLY REALY SUCK. :lol: :lol: :lol: J/K Man. Die hard LAKERS fan. ;)
I like the Pacers over the Pistons <_< , but I don't think there is any chance what-so-ever that the Pacers will win this series or even win another game. Also the East is absolute garbage except for a few PLAYERS.

By the way the T-Wolves will win it all!!!! :p
Uhhhhhm. So that would be in SIX? :unsure: T-pups vs. LAKERS? :p