WNBA on ABC commercial

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Hi, I've heard this song while I was out and about and have not been able to ask who it was by.

It's also in a WNBA on ABC commerical that I saw flipping through the channels on Sat morning. This is by no means an obscure song. Pretty popular I think. real bubbble gummy sounding. So even though I don't know it, I have a feeling that one of you will think I'm a bit of a simp for not recognising it. lol

Any help you can shed woudl be cool. I only hope it is actually the same song I have been hearing out and about.
Thank you Michelle, but actually that's not it. I read through the previous posts, and saw mention of "Give it Up", but apparantly that's for an ESPN Commercial. This is on ABC and actually is part of the ABC Sporst series I believe.

I just listened to a snippet on the itunes musc store, and fefe's song is pretty good though.
The voice is kind of etherial. Hard to understand.

As for the style of the song: it's a female voice, and i confuesd the song for the chorus part of Lindsay Lohan's "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" song. But, it's not.

I think Some of the lyrics may say, "...She's So Damn Beautiful." But, this was not used in the Snippet in the WNBA Commecial; I heard that part out in the bar.

And I know, if I really tried, I could probably be more vague. Sorry about that.

BTW, Michelle, it looks like you joined the site on my birthday.