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Tad Hamilton

Does anyone know waht the title and artist of the song in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton that talks about a girl all alone in a movie theater watching people walk by hand in hand?!?!?!? thanks!! screen name=jujubee272 or =)
Are you referring to a scene in the movie? Have you check the song listing for the CD Soundtrack?

Can you explain the music -- tempo, type, remember any lyrics? male/female voice?
The song is "Somebody" by Bonnie McKee. Such a pretty song.
I seached forever for this. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
I can't find this one song that was playing in the bar in the scene right before Tad gets a little pep talk while sitting in the bathroom stall. Its not on the soundtrack but i do remeber some lyrics.

They went someting like tell me now (or i'm telling you now) so you don't have to think about....

and it was a woman singing. Absolutely can't find this song!!!!
ok, i did some research, the song is called "Telling You Now" by Jessy Moss. I loved this movie by the way!