Who sings this version of Canadian Sunset?


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A shot in the dark I know but every version I previewed doesn't sound this good:


View the slideshow for a flash file with the song. Sounds kinda lounge-ish at first but it picks up. :)

I emailed the web design company and no dice. A lead in any direction would be appreciated! (been looking for 1.5 years now)
I don't know who sings it but I'm sure it had to be a performer who played regularly in New Orleans. Miles Davis or Louis Armstrong are the first 2 names that popped into my mind but I'm pretty sure that's not them. These are the names that pop up when I put "Canadian Sunset" in bearshare search: Ferrante & Teicher, Floyd Cramer, Roger Williams, Santo & Johnny, Andy Williams, Gene Ammons, Earl Grant(1963), and George Shearing. I didn't include a few names because I was sure they were not the singer. If you can't find it or if you can't find out from anyone else on here I would try some New Orleans Chat rooms or the New Orleans category in Yahoo Answers and ask them if they know. If all else fails you could try contacting the restaurant but given the past hurricane I don't know if that place would be open right now. Good Luck! (I live about 340 miles from N.O.) (the ones in red are the ones I would check first-if the font color works)
Ok I have a feeling that it is Etta Jones. I thought it was a man but upon finding this name I think it probably is her. Good Luck finding a copy of it! If I find it for sure I'll let you know.
Ok, it's not Etta James but, I'm pretty sure it would be from a performer in the same era.