Which Tune in The Chevy TrailBlazer TV Ad ?


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What is the title and performer used in the Chevy TrailBlazer TV Ad? In the tune, a female singer repeats the phrase "I Wanna Be Famous". My search engines have come up empty. Thanks for any help.
I'm not sure which commercial that is. If it's one with a woman and kids leaving home and loading into the truck, the song is "Bad Word for a Good Thing" by the Friggs.
The group in the truck is a band, Singer with short blonde hair (Blondie-like) and a red and black dress.
They pull up in front of a theater, there are people waiting, they jump out of the truck and run for the stage door-the people run towards them but are actually headed for the truck.
The words are:
I wanna be famous, I wanna be....And everyone will know my name, everyone will know my name....

There's a name on the marquis of the theater, but I can't read it--its in sort of old english writing & maybe the letters are blended together --looks like it starts with an A, but maybe not.

It's driving me crazy. I find myself humming it.
I didn't even know it was Chevy---I'm so focused on the song.
Please help
OH MY GOD, after a short layoff they're using it again!!
The letters on the Theater look like AMTH, but like I said, could just be MTH.
I am pretty sure its a chevy ad but I have not seen it in a few weeks. The band pulls up to the front of the theater and all the fans come running over. The band runs inside but the fans pass them by and go to the car. the band stops and turns to watch the fans go to the car.

The lyrics are something like..."I wanna be famous.......Everyone will know my name"

its a girls voice and it is really a poppy song

Please help me find this song...I love it
thanks....they are running the commercial again. I have seen it twice this weekend.