When Super Models Ruled the World


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Hi! I was wondering if anyone first of all has watched it and secondly if anyone knos the song they are playing right before they play "Freedom" by George Micheal. I didn't understand the lyrics but I'm thinking its an 80's song, it sounds sooo familair.

If not.. does anyone know what sites I could go to find out?
Donka ;)
What channel was it on (I'm assuming VH1 or something), and is it repeating again anytime soon?
Here's the schedule for the repeat: Saturday May. 14
11/10c PM
I saw it last night but don't recall the song before "freedom". I'll check it out on Saturday.
Oooo that would be a great idea! ?Thank you ;)
The song was played twice. Once in preview of the "Freedom" segment then throughout the model montage during the "Freedom" video.

Preview of the Freedom segment:
En Vogue (Funky Divas): My lovin' (you're never gonna get it)

Prior to Freedom video: segment starts with the 'big 6" b&w shoot in London
Moby (Play): Porcelain
Pet Shop Boys (The Complete Singles Collection): West end girls
The Cure (Greatest hits): Friday I'm in love
George Micheal (Faith): Faith
:( none of them are it, but where did you find this out at?
I recognized those songs from the show. I thought "friday" might have been your song.
Which portion of the show are you referring to? Did you watch the show again to catch any details from your mystery song? Details like male vs female vocals, dance tune or slow song can be of help.

The only other song I can think of that's older and was prior to Freedom is: Deee-lite's "groove is in the heart".
Madonna's "Frozen" and Smashmouth's "I can't get enough of you baby" followed the Freedom segment.
It was right before "Freedom" came on... in fact freedom cut it off. it was mostly music, dancy trancy kind, and you can hear a womans voice.. and she says something baby... thats all i got from it. I know know the song.. i just cannot remember where i heard it.. any suggestions to find a listing..
Hmm....try contacting VH1 about it. I'm going to research it some more. If you find out anything please post it.