What is this song? Industrial/Metal from '94-'95


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Can anybody tell me what song this is? I recorded it off the radio 10-11 years ago, but I have no idea what it's called, or who it's by. I have "Armageddon Dildos" written on the tape sleeve, so it may be them. I'm not saying it definitely is them...

Here's a link to the sample.

You’ll need to scroll to the bottom, click “Free”, and probably let it count down about a minute before you can download. You may have to come back another time if too many people download at once. As far as I know, there should be no limits or expiration.

holy crap, that sounds familiar!!! i'm trying to find it too. man, what a blast from the past. i am in love w/ these guys right now. glad you asked about this music and mentioned this group. it's like i feel like i'm back at some dark gothic artsy dance club in chicago again. AAAHH!!!!
I finally got a minute to check today. The song is indeed by Armageddon Dildos and it's called "Unite." It's from their album, Lost. I found a sound sample on the All Music Guide website. Thanks :D
man, i've only been able to find 1 song by these guys to download :angry:


you have any luck, ad-rock?
No luck here either...and it's not from a lack of trying! <_<