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So I had to take Connor in this morning to get fitted for his helmet. He was really pretty good about it too! They measured his head every which way that they could. then they paper mached (sp?) his head. haha Well, they had these fabric strips that they dipped in plaster and put those all around his head to make a cast. He did good and it was cute but I felt bad at the same time because he was sitting up and when they got towards the end he couldn't hold his head up and so it just kind of hung down. :( The hard part and the part that pissed him off was when they were trying to pull it off of his head after it dried. but they finally got it and they are sending it off to somewhere in California where they are going to make the helmet and put an Oklahoma Sooners logo on it for us. :) They said we should have it in about a week.
Aww poor punkin.. but he'll be all fixed up Mama. And he'll look so cool all his buddies'll want one too. :)
So it'll be just about the whole summer? That won't be too bad. Hopefully you'll sail right through it. :)
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a lifetime of having a normal head.
:lol: That was so cute. [/b][/quote]
Was thinking that meself. :wub:

The way the helmet guy talked he may only have to go a month or so if it goes smoothly. :)
Yay! And he'll look like a little quarterman anyway so it'll be cute. :)
:lol: Somebody at my work said "Aww, he looks like a little storm trouper." :lol: