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Okay, I want you all's opinion on this cause I just don't know at this point. Connor was referred to physical therapy a while back because he had a tendancy to look to the left and as a result developed a flat spot but it's more towards the side rather than the middle of his head. No big deal, they say he could have been positioned that way when I was carrying him most likely. K, so it's not as extreme as this mind you but this is just to give you an idea of what it looks like. *clicky* It's seriously not like the picture but it is more that shape. So anyway, they are now suggesting a frickin helmet. It's really not even all that noticable and when they brought it up I instantly thought "no way" but Sean really wants us to consider it. I know this is a realy odd question but what do you guys think?
Around 3 months. And it would have to be all the time, only removed for bathing. :(
Oh, just three months?

I'd do it. He'll never know you had to do it, unless you tell him. And in the end, it'll be best for him.

Three months FLY by anyway...
I'd do it too. Besides he won't have a choice as an adult so you might as well do what you think it best for him, even though it'll be a pain for a little while.
That sounds fine to me, I mean its not like he's got any happening girl babies to impress. Plus, 3 months isn't that bad.
Originally posted by Sir_Garland@Apr 13 2006, 10:08 PM
So anyway, they are now suggesting a frickin helmet.
They can't do anything about it without one of those? :unsure: Personally, I'd consider it but only as a last resort.
If it's for three months, I'd say go for it. Three months is nothing at this age. Kids are like pliable clay, at this early age, and anything you can do to correct a problem should be done as early as possible.

Did you get a second opinion, Rhonda?
I don't think 3 months is too bad but what about bands? Couldn't they do that or would that not work for him?
Well the pediatrician agreed with the physical therapist but we are going to speak with a couple more people about it. They haven't said anything about the bands either but I will ask them about that as well. Thanks guys. :)
That's a toughie. I'd get a 2nd opinion....helmet would be my last resort.
i say do the helmet.. that way when he's older you can make fun of him in front of all his friend's and he'll resent you for the rest of his life. or at the very lest you could get a helmet that's a really fucked up shape and make his head look like a starfish or some shit..
Do the helmet. Screw the consequences....except for the good ones. Hell why leave a little problem when you can fix it when he's little and he won't even remember it. Just make sure the li'l guy looks after his helmet. Make sure he polishes it every day...