What are your favorite Video Game Soundtracks?

I was rather fond of the music in Need for Speed Underground. I thought it was a nice selection for the whole basis of the game.

Other than that, I do love the stuff in Kingdom Hearts. I even used one of the songs from there (okay, a remixed version) for a flag routine at my high school. ^_^
I love the soundtrack to Castlevania Symphony of the Night and the main theme to he Halo games rocks! ;)
As many people have said, I love the Halo soundtrack. But I have a spot in my heart for some of the old Nintendo classics like Super Mario Brothers, Dragon Warrior and so forth.
I like various bits and pieces from most soundtracks. But as far as game soundtracks that are to be liked in their entirety:

Mega Man 9 (I can only think of 2-3 songs on here that aren't AS good as the rest of what's there...Wily stage 3,4, and the Endless Stage)

Space Channel 5 Part 2 (I'm going to get crap for this, but I only liked 3 tracks from the first SC5: Evila: Perfect Reporter, Strut, Mororian Ship. SC5P2 has more of a variety...however, I am still trying to find the ENTIRE soundtrack as I only have bits and pieces)

Tourist Trophy (I'm not sure how I found this little gem. But it's a real good, calm soundtrack)

Street Fighter III OST (11 tracks of jazzy goodness....maybe except 'Cave Man'...too slow for me)

Parasite Eve (I'm not sure why they went with the digitized opera songs throughout the whole game, they have two songs with a real opera singer on the soundtrack and they are amazing)

Chrono Trigger: Brink Of Time (Nice short jazzy soundtrack)

Space Channel 5: Remix Tracks (it's 6 tracks, but very good)

I'm not impressed with the majority of the songs from a lot of what comes from all the Squaresoft games.
I'm a huge fan of Akira Yamaoka and his creepy soundtracks to the Silent Hill series. I love just sitting back and listening to the entire collection (during the day of course). I also loved what Jeff Danna did with some of the songs in the Silent Hill film. Wish I could get my hands on that score.

I also fell in love with the Final Fantasy 10 soundtrack as well. It was my first exposure to the world of FF. I also love tracks from other games also (most notably FF7 and FF8).

Lastly, although the song isn't included in the games soundtrack, I really liked the song "Gears of War" by Megadeth!
I love the soundtracks from Oblivion and Morrowind. Jeremy Soule is amazing!

I also really like "Never forget" / "Unforgotten" by Martin O'Donnell. Such a lovely piece :)
-the soundtracks of C&C red alert 2 were epic rock songs, especially hell march.
-Price of persia warrior within were nice too
-need for speed underground 2
-war hammer 40k soundtracks are amazing ( battle orchestra)

An outstanding sountrack by Stephane Bellanger, completely underrated even in today's gaming world, even by film score standards. It's good enough that I regularly listen to it on its own. For the longest time, Rayman fans were encountering compatibility issues when trying to run the game on newer machines and operating systems. Invariably, one of the first things to falter by running it in a non-Win95/98/DOS environment was the in-game music, losing what was widely considered one the best and most beloved aspects of the game. Someone eventually figured out that mixed-mode CDROMs required special treatment in order for audio to function properly, and now, by mounting the .cue file with DOSBox's imgmount, the game can be played without issue in its original form. If you've never played this game (the original, mind you), stop what you're doing and go get it right now and watch it top your list of best ever 2D scrollers.


If ever there were a video game worthy of an Oscar... and a Grammy, it would be Toonstruck. Featuring the live talents of Christopher Lloyd, interacting by greenscreen with a cast of toons voiced by the likes of Tim Curry, Dan Castellaneta, Tress MacNeille and Dom DeLuise (plus a cameo by Ben Stein), it was the most expensive venture in video gaming ever taken to date. And in being a production of Hollywood proportions, it's no surprise that the archives from which Toonstruck draws its music are the same ones used in the industry for decades prior, found in everything from ad jingles to TV intros. Jack Beaver's "Workaday World", Alan Perry's "Gay Time", John Longmire's "Turkey Trot", are only the most recognizable of at least 50 other tracks which make up Toonstruck's musical backdrop, practically all of which can be streamed for free on the Associated Production Music (APM) website. The Ren & Stimpy Show of mid-90s Nickelodeon cartoon fame takes its soundtrack from the same musical heritage. A two-part fan compilation can be found scattered about the web entitled "Ren & Stimpy Production Music" Volumes 1 and 2 with a collection of many of the same tracks featured in Toonstruck.

What's really on display in both Toonstruck and Ren & Stimpy is the little-known genre of Light Music. Originally a British phenomenon characterized by "less serious," small orchestral arrangements of a shorter duration than traditional classical music, the genre would go on to become the unsung soundtrack of mid-20th century America, spanning television, radio, film and commercial music. Light Music's legacy continues in the form of small appreciation circles like the Robert Farnon Society (http://www.rfsoc.org.uk/), the Scarborough Spa Orchestra (which alone safeguards the tradition of live Light Music from utter extinction), and from the ocassional homage, nod or tip of the hat in today's entertainment and advertising worlds. The amazing thing about Light Music is that once you've heard some of the more renowned pieces, you'll realize you've been hearing them your entire life.