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Hello all,

Can someone please help me. I have been trying to find out the name or where I can get the theme music that plays on the World Golf Championships commercials from Accenture. I have also heard this theme music used on some football films shows, but not much. If anyone has any clue that would be great. These commercials are running all the time right now and feature cut shots of all the top players and ends with a shot of Tiger Woods with 2 hands raised in the air. Any help here would be great. Thanks.
If anyone can please help, I would be very appreciative. I am desperate to find this music.
What channel is it on?

If anyone recognizes it, they'll leave a message... Don't give up yet, patience is key when it comes to music from ads.
It is generally on the main network channels, like 4, 5 7, 10 and such. It is just a Golf commercial that is run from time to time.
I don't know if this helps at all, but it is all instrumental. Also, as I said before, I have heard it used in one of those NFL Films shows. So I am sure it is out there somewhere, I just have no idea what it is called.
It might be this one that I was searching for. here's the result:


Thanks to those cool folks at The sports alter forum (http://www.sportscenteraltar.com/community/thread.asp?Thread=21&Sort=&Page=20) the piece has been located. Composed by the great Tom Hedden of NFL films fame. Only problem is they're only samples. Now if someone can locate the the full versions.

Go to http://www.cherrylane.com/clpub/musicsourc...musicsource.cfm and search under the keyword tab on the left for "introduction". Four songs should pop up. Click on the Windows Media Player logo next to the one that says "introduction (aka open)" and enjoy!

Hey bishop and figment,
I have this CD at home, NFL 3 "Cinema Score". "Open" is the first track.

I also post on that ESPN Sportscenter Altar forum.