Westminster Dog Show


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TV Commercial for Westminster Dog Show on USA
The song is sung by Male vocalist, upbeat tempo, late 80's sounding alternative.
Lyrics that I could grab:
"Wrap me up
Put me up
Watch me go
I'll be running circles around your ?????
don't you know"

Any clue?

Commercial has various dogs running through the streets of USA, the dogs are towering over the buildings and finally you see a dog running to NYC and Madison Square Garden
i just saw that commercial on usa while watching bulletproof, so u arent the only one. sry i cant be of any help with the song title tho
Alright that song has been bugging me for the longest time.

So far the only words I have been able to make out are "wind me up I'm ready to go>"

But I looked for such lyrics and couldn't find anything relevant. Anyone out there know the name of this song?

I hate having songs in my head like that. You have made me one happy dude. I love this site and forum. Yeah Westminister is in OC, CA. Heh guess I got them confused.

Thanks again!
It's for one of the cable stations that is carrying it. Might be A and E or that pet network that Discovery made. I never heard the song they're using, and I can't quite describe it.
Would anyone know what and who sings this jingle/song for the 128th Westminster Dog Show on the Discovery Channel?? It goes something like "walk me up, stop me up or watch me go, I'll be running circles around you so then you'll know..."?? I dunno if that's enough info to garner a response. Thanks in advance...
Just to be a total pain, I think the name of the band is Caesars (no Palace). But thanks for finding the clip!

You must have Vegas on the brain.
Hi, I was wondering if anyone remembered what song it was they played on the USA network commercial for the Westmister Kennel Club dog show. This commercial aired a few months ago. I've heard the song plenty of times besides the commercial, and it's probably by some band I've heard of but never had a song to identify them with... (don't you hate when that happens?)

I remember plenty of the tune, but the only lyrics I remember were something along the lines of "I'll be running circles around you quicker than you know..."

Any answer is appreciated, thank you! The song's been stuck in my head for days. :D
I listened to the sample on Amazon and that wasn't it. It was more of a rock song. I heard it in H&M the other day (the video was playing in the store but I couldn't read the band name) and I've heard it on the radio a few times so I'm pretty sure it was a popular song.
Gahhhhhhhh!!! You're right. Totally the wrong song. Please standby. ;)