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Could someone please tell me who plays the nice guitar work on the commercial for Westin Hotel & Resorts? I would really appreciate it!
This commercial's been getting a lot of airplay today, and would like to know what this music is as well. I'm a huge fan of British rock, and it seems like it should be something I know. The only searches I can find is of Westin's older commercial that featured the British band James' song "Born of Frustration". However, I know that one well and it is not the one played on the newer commercials. Any leads on this?
Yes - just aired here in upstate NY - around 6pm EST on Fox News. Please help us find this song. :blink:
I'm going to start this post up again because that is one catchy guitar riff on the Westin commercial and finding the name of it is vital to the maintenance of my sanity.
:p hey, apparently the song was done especially for Westin Hotels and Resorts by the Dave Stricker Band. I found this out last year and since then I have neither been able to find out the name of the song or how to get it.

The band supposedly had a website where one could hear their music including the Westing song, but I could never get the address to work.

I hope this was helpful. :)
Does anyone have a copy of that mp3 from the Westin commercial? I know that the link usually given was for an mp3 off their website, but I could never get it to work either. Maybe somebody got a copy before they took it off the web.
Does anyone know the ad I'm talking about?

It has some music on it, but no lyrics (unfortunately). I'm really sure I've heard it before somewhere, i.e. I don't think it was written specifically for the ad. It was by a female artist, maybe a few years back, she might have been a country singer? I'm not sure. Either way, I'm dying to know what this song is.

See this thread.

The song is called 'The Westin Song' and was composed by DAVE STRICKER.

You can download the complete song from his website.
Thank you very much, Sophist. Sorry to ask about something that has already been asked!! :unsure: I did a search and it didn't come up with anything, so I assumed there weren't any existing threads on this.
Thanks! :wub:
Muchos Gracias, I love the song! Wouldn't of been able to find it without ya!
would it be appopriate if i said i love you!?!??! i have been looking for this song for so long, if you search on the internet i have been looking for ssooo llong.
I'm very pleased you asked this because for a couple of years I have had these chords in my mind and I couldn't remember from where. You made me search for and find the song so thanks for that. The answer is Olivia Newton John's rendition of LOVE SONG from 1971.
Don't the chords just tear at your heart? WOW!
olivia newton john 1971 "Love Song"
You can get it on Youtube. I hope the chords and crescendos send you as they do me!