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Don't suppose anyone knows, as the show is still in its early stages, the opening theme song for the new TNT action/drama show, "Wanted"?

Any help or info would be most appreciative.
That, unfortunately, is not it.
It is a more hardcore, upbeat rhythm with a wicked guitar riff at the beginning!
Remember., it is at the beginning of the show.
Is it Saliva - Click, Click, Boom?

That has been on the promos for the show as well.
Nope, not that either!!!
It is the song in the opening credits of each episode.
None of the trailer or ad music!!!
hey, i watched it last night and I dont know the ans. but does anyone know what band sang the song at the end?
Bad Company.... Seagull :)

That was the song at the end of the show last night.
Question still stands...what is the name of the song in the opening credits of the show?
If someone here knew the answer to your question, they'd tell you. Have you tried contacting TNT? Sometimes that is the best way to get information when a song is not easily recognizable here.
Does anyone know the name of the song and artist that was playing while Conrad fools around with his ex-wife. Thanks in advance.