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Does anyone know the music on the Passat commercial that involves an umbrella? There is a Flamenco piece playing in the ad.
This ad has run for the last few weeks and shows a man getting stopped at a border gate while the guards search his vehicle. VW is great about telling you all about their ads and their site actually has the commercial and the track information... it's Jonathan Elias and the song is titled "Check Point". Except I can't seem to find the track anywhere. It's not a track from his previously released material. I'm afraid it may have just been a 30 second spot done for the ad. I emailed the webmaster on his site about it. Does anyone know anything else about this track or how to get it? Thanks.
Reemas: I emailed VW and Jonathan Elias about it. I checked CDNOW and none of his other releases have this track. I've been searching Limewire for it too. If anything comes up, I'll keep you posted.
You guys are a life saver. That song is very...umm...like, wish I had a woman to seduce james bond dancing roses kind of feel to it. So thanks for finding out the name, but I gotta go get a tux and some roses. (and a woman)

side note: has anyone ever heard the soundstrack to two moon junction? Elias did it, but I can't find audio samples anywhere. And Lamewire isn't giving me shit.

Thanks again.

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Listening to some of Elias' other tracks, this flamenco guitar music for the VW ad seems like a departure. None of his other stuff is like this. I saw on the CDNOW site that he did the OST for Two Moon Junction. I remember seeing that movie (and rewinding portions of it :lol: ) but remember that, again, that music was not in this style. I'll let you guys know if I find this track... please do the same.
Originally posted by ktunes@Oct 13 2005, 04:10 PM
I'm afraid it may have just been a 30 second spot done for the ad.
I hate to be the the bearer of bad news, but I'm gonna have to agree with you on that. It's the most likely scenario. Jonathan Elias is creative with what he does, but he is a corporate musician. He has his own production company and everything. Here's a link to their web site: Elias Arts. As you can see, they do lots of ad-music for many different companies. The couple albums he released were more or less side projects from his "real job." :(
yeah, I found a few people that claim to have it on limewire, but it's just some bull shit promo for an online store. If I find the real one, I would be glad to send it over AIM or email or whatever. Chances are, knowing music written specifically for television, film or commercials...it's short, concise, and was written for the ad specifically, thus will be small enough to compress and send around.

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Thanks for the info guys. I have seen many ads that have had music written specifically for the spot and so the track is only 30 or 60 seconds long. In many cases, it's bad news. Luckily, I have a few tracks from VW ads that were full length tracks (quite a few actually) so I'm still holding out hope. The fact that I haven't gotten a reply back from the Elias site is problematic though. I'll keep you posted.