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Hi everyone,
I've been searching the web for a few hous when I should really be going to bed. I am trying hard to find the title to the song playing is that Visa tv spot where a couple forgets their camera on a table in a terrasse. It's an instrumental piano song, no lyrics, which makes it even harder to find!
Any help and hints are greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much. :)
I have absolutly no idea what commercial you are talking about, but is there a fire in teh commercial, cuz then I know your answer....
Nope, no fire!
I don't even have a link for the ad, I couldn't even find that on the web...I could find all other Visa ads but the one I want!
It's actually a few months old and it still plays every once in a while. The ad starts with the couple finishing breakfast on a terrasse with their camera on the table, they get up and leave without the camera and then you see a bunch of different people throughout the day sitting at that same table but no one ever takes the camera. The couple come back the next morning to find their camera intact on that same table. Then you get the old slogan for visa, if life were like that, you wouldn't need a visa.
Thanks :)