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I was watching the MTV 2005 awards and the ad of 2 guys (1 black ,1 white) sitting on a curb with a delivery guy dancing next to them and then he changes into a girl thats dancing to a song that says, "You've got to ........ " It's an awesome song. Who sings it and whats it name? Thanks!!!
There is a new Virgin Mobil ad where there is two guys sitting on a bench (one holding a giant phone) and there is a black girl dancing next to them...I want the song played in this ad!...I need to c it again before I know any lyrics...i remeber it as ebing a male voice and its a hiphop-ish song...plz help!
Feel pretty stupid answering my own question but its....
DARE by the Gorillaz
I was curious about the same ad - - saw it on a different channel and neither of the two posted above is the song I heard.... it was a cool tune, and I had heard it somewhere else before....just not sure where.....

Any help would be appreciated....
I think the song is Dare by Gorillaz. iTunes has it.
I haven't seen the ad in a couple of days so I'm not 100% sure.
I think this might be for T-Mobile but I'm not sure. But what it is: 2 guys are on the street sitting on chairs, and the older man has a really big gold cell phone and pushes a button on it. Then music starts playing and a guy appears and starts dancing. Then the guy pushes another button and a girl in an orange shirt starts dancing. Does anybody know the name of the song that is being played?
Okay, Nevermind, I found the song. But for anyone else who wants to know it is Dare By Gorillaz.