1. C

    Virgin Mobile Canada "Backstage"

    Hello! The Name of the song is "Berelain" by "PK"! Hope that helped! I loved this song immediately because he sounds like Robert Smith from The Cure!
  2. K

    Virgin Mobile Canada "Ping Pong"

    The second Song i am looking for is the one for Virgin mobiles sexy smart phones commercial where There is a group of friends all hanging out and one guy gets a kiss on the cheek and she leaves lipstick all over his face. Thanks in advance.
  3. A

    Virgin Mobile The Crazy Life Office

    There is a different commercial exactly like this one playing except with a different song played in the background, I could not recognize most of the lyrics besides What's up, and I heard that multiple times together. Could anyone please tell me the name of that song. Once again, not the name...
  4. A

    Virgin Mobile

    I saw Virgin Mobile commercial and the song playing was kind of hip hop and the only lyrics I could make out were "oh oh oh oh oh hey hey". It's a fast tempo and sounds like a great club song. Any idea of who the artist is?
  5. farbeyond

    Virgin Mobile "$25 A Month Plan"

    Hey, I recently saw a commercial for the cellphone provider Virgin Mobile which was advertising for their 25 dollar a month plan which used a cover of The Flash song: The Hives - "Early Morning Wake Up Call" (The Flash Cover) Get it at:
  6. M

    Virgin Mobile "Mirror Mirror"

    Hi I just became a new member... although I've found many wicked tunes on this site already! :cool: Anyone have any idea what the song is on this newer virgin mobile commercial- the song goes "Mirror mirror on the wall...who's the fairest of them all?...You are.. you are..." There is a girl...
  7. B

    Virgin Media

    If anyone is wondering the song in the Virgin Media ad in which a young man is sitting on a train going through different experiences ( the tune is called Into Dust by Mazzy Star.
  8. R

    Australian Virgin Mobile

    Hey any one know this song? sadly i there is no lyrics heard on the ad, so ill need someone who knows the song. here is a youtube vid thanks for you help
  9. T

    Virgin Mobile

    Virgin Mega Tones I was watching the MTV 2005 awards and the ad of 2 guys (1 black ,1 white) sitting on a curb with a delivery guy dancing next to them and then he changes into a girl thats dancing to a song that says, "You've got to ........ " It's an awesome song. Who sings it and whats it...
  10. W

    Virgin Mobile

    anyone know the song on the Virgin Mobile phone commerical, with a rapper who i think is called 5 cent.
  11. T

    Virgin Pulse at Target dancing British guards

    I have just seen this new commerica on comedy centrall from Virgin for thier new line of MP3 players called Virgin pulse. It shows this group of the british royal gaurds that where dancing around to some rock song that was playing in the background. Can someone tell me what is the name of...